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Positive Thinking and Taking Pictures for Gluten-Free Simplicity

Posted by nepeht on July 22, 2008

A Really Big Sky

A Really Big Sky (c. 2007, wtb)

  It is important to me to give some sincere credit to the positive-thinking crowd.  You know, the folks who encourage you when you hurt by telling you to think positively?

  It is sometimes a real pain when I hear that.  Sometimes, it feels like my own real pain is being ignored and I am not getting a chance to log my due grieving about my problems.

  But other times, the idea of positive thinking can pay off in spades.  One of the things I like to do is to take photographs.  One of the reasons for this is that quite often, hours, days, years or decades later, when I review a photograph, it touches me in a good way.

  This photograph reminds me (in a nice way) that there are things in this world much bigger than me and much more significant than my feelings.  Sure, having my feelings is important in its time.  But there is nothing like a natural  wonder to help me move on. 

  Some who move to Colorado say whenever they go back home, they feel as if there is a bowl over their head because the sky does not seem as big as it does in places such as Pueblo.


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