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Relapse as Part of Recovery

Posted by nepeht on October 7, 2008

  According to Webster’s On-line Dictionary, the word “Reecovery” means:

  1. the process of combating a disorder (as alcoholism) or a real or perceived problem

  The same source defines relapse as:

  1. the act or an instance of backsliding, worsening, or subsiding
  2. a recurrence of symptoms of a disease after a period of improvement
In the noun form, “Relapse” comes from the 15th century.
Etymology: Middle English, from Medieval Latin relapsus, from Latin relabi to slide back, from re- + labi to slide — more at sleep

  As a person who is medically allergic to gluten, I have tried many times to be absolutely gluten-free.  Anyone who has tried this while living in the U.S. can tell you it is not easy.

  When I fall off the gluten-free wagon and treat myself to a sweet-roll, a piece of pizza or something else, I am relapsing.

  One of the probably consequences of this for me is a dramatic fall in my energy level.

  I will write more later. 




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