Gluten-Free Simplicity

Useful Info, Tasty Anecdotes and Simple Recipes for Attaining Gluten-Free Simplicity

Paying Attention to Your Intake can Help

Posted by nepeht on October 9, 2008

2. Pay Attention to Your Intake

  One way toward Gluten-Free Simplicity is to pay attention to your intake of food, beverages and other substances.  You can keep a food diary.  Follow this link to get an idea of how to do this: .  I would suggest just trying to keep track (in writing) for about a month.

  After about a month, you can reflect on your intake and correlate this information with your symptoms and other events.  This can help you develop more insight into your diet and health, which might help simplify your path.

  More free food journaling information can be found at:


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