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Day-To-Day Simplicity, Healthy Grieving, and Self Forgiveness

Posted by nepeht on October 14, 2008

  As with any person I suspect, day-to-day life for a person who is trying to live without gluten is sometimes up and sometimes down.  As the days go by, if any seemingly useful thoughts occur to me, I will try to jot them down here, to share with those who might benefit.

  For some people, going gluten-free is NOT a challenge.  My suspicion though, is that for many of us, it is sometimes harder than at other times and sometimes it is a struggle.

  For me it can be a struggle.  Sometimes, my attempts to remain gluten-free flat out fail.  Other times, I am on the wagon for months at a time. 

Why am I sharing this?

  I am sharing these brief glimpses at my own successes and failures in order to help communicate to others who are struggling that you are not alone.  We are all human.  And to be human is to not always have to be perfect.

  I have found that sometimes the unhealthy grieving over a failure at staying gluten-free can unfortunately facilitate a hopeless / helpless sort of attitude, which in turn seems to make way for even more relapse-type activities.  And before I know it, I am really sick.

  So if you fall off your gluten-free wagon, grieving in a healthy should probably include some practically instant self forgiveness.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Chances are you have already had enough bumps and bruises in your life.  Forgive yourself, let it go, move on, and try again.

  Forgive yourself, let it go, move on, and try again!!!

  And of course, as always, your comments are also welcome.


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