Gluten-Free Simplicity

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Gluten Free Complexity or Simplicity?

Posted by nepeht on October 14, 2008

  Part of the philosophy I would like to develop and share is the proposition that in some cases, a little bit of accurate information — even though it adds to whatever information is already on hand — can simplify things.  If one has no real information on the subject, no problem.  In some cases where there is already a lot of information on board, information overload is the result and nothing gets solved.  In still other cases the new information can be more valid than the old information and can make things easier.

  So it may seem a bit complex sometimes when one is explaining a given topic related to being gluten-free.  Or the new information by its own nature may seem complex.  But in the long run, if it is valid information, it can probably simplify things a great deal.


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