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Forgiving Might Help one Attain Gluten-Free Simplicity

Posted by nepeht on October 15, 2008

6. Humility, Forgiveness, and Grace Might Help one Attain Gluten-Free Simplicity.

  On my journey toward Gluten-Free Simplicity I have frequently hesitated — if not downright sabotaged myself — during periods while recovering from a gluten relapse.  I have blamed myself, my family, anonymous waiters, waitresses, snack-food manufacturers …  you name it.

  It helps me though to remember that long before my Celiac Sprue diagnosis, I had already learned that ultimately, I am responsible for what I do to me whether it is good or bad AND whether it is knowingly or unknowingly.

  It is no secret that when a person relapses (i.e., engages in a behavior harmful to her/his self) anger can follow.  On blogs, people with Celiac Sprue have written about angry reactions to gluten intake also (see:  There is apparently also some research about how gluten intake for some people can promote release of a certain hormone or neurotransmitter that leads to brain stimulation related to anger.  These are all possible physical effects of ingesting gluten.

  But what about the possibility of anger related to the person who has relapsed and their psychosocial makeup?  I know that I often feel guilty about relapse.

  My proposal for this “way to attain G-F Simplicity” is that forgiveness for the self as well as anyone else involved might help one more readily move beyond the anger and closer to a level of acceptance where getting back onto the Gluten-Free Wagon might be easier.

  I am talking about a self-proclaimed state of grace.  By “grace” I mean that one has the humility to accept ones own responsibility as well as the forgiveness to accept that of others, and finally the wholesome acceptance that no human is perfect.  There are many ideas about the word “grace”.  Just look at this one link:  My proposition is that grace regarding harm to self probably helps everyone involved.  Especially when the harmful act is already done.  Why make it worse with a bunch of anger, guilt and shame? 

  I like Grace better.  But admittedly, it is not always easy.

  Try it anyway.

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