Gluten-Free Simplicity

Useful Info, Tasty Anecdotes and Simple Recipes for Attaining Gluten-Free Simplicity

Improving Your G-F Simplicity IQ

Posted by nepeht on October 16, 2008

If you review these items and find the answers, you will probably improve your G-F Simplicity IQ level.

Study / Review Items:

  1. Very Basic Description of Celiac Sprue.
  2. Primary sources of gluten in food.
  3. Sources of hidden gluten in food.
  4. Non edible items containing gluten.
  5. Symptoms of exposure to gluten for a person with Celiac Sprue.
  6. Other disorders commonly found with persons who have Celiac Sprue.
  7. Gluten as a “protein”.
  8. Diagnostic methods for determining gluten intolerance.
  9. Basic Anthropological issues related to gluten intolerance.
  10. The Biopsychosociospiritual Perspective.
  11. Basic Epidemiological issues related to gluten intolerance:
    1. Geographic prevalence of Celiac Sprue.
    2. Frequency of Celiac Sprue and Gluten Intolerance.
    3. Population variables.
  12. Celiac Sprue and genetic issues.
  13. The Mind/Body connection.
  14. Treatments for Celiac Sprue.
  15. Celiac Sprue, Gluten Intolerance and U.S. Tax Deductions.
  16. Current Research Trends related to Gluten Intolerance.
  17. Gluten-Free Product Costs compared to other products.
  18. Gluten-Free Living and the Grieving Process (DABDA).
  19. Gluten-Free Diet.
  20. Which beverages tend to be gluten-free versus gluten-contaminated?
  21. Medical Perspective understanding of celiac sprue.
  22. Basic anatomy of the Digestive System related to Celiac Sprue.

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