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Accepting the Context in Attaining Gluten-Free Simplicty

Posted by nepeht on October 17, 2008

  One of the most fundamental concepts in my philosophy of Gluten-Free Simplicity is that of “Accepting Context”.

  On this blog I try to provide valid information in order to help people simplify their effort to live gluten-free.  In a sense, I am offering up additional details, which could be misconstrued as complicating rather than simplifying.

  This is why context is important.  To me, the word context means that which I can gather, summarize and roughly infer from a given situation.  The details tend to be about what is said, what is known as fact, what is assumed etc…

  Look at the picture here.  What do you see. 

What Do You See Here? (c.2008, WTB)

What Do You See Here? (c.2008, WTB)

  Some people would see “Blur” or a lack of focus.  Others, might see a still roadside as the camera is actually moving at about 30 mph.  But still others would see “Green”.  That is what I see. here. 

  I am proposing that attaining gluten-free simplicity requires a bit of practice in accepting context.  For example, when one recommends that consumers read food labels, the recommendation is probably not that every person always read every single word on a given food label.  One still needs to consider the details.  But perhaps most of the energy should go into interpreting the context of a given thing or situation.

  Gradually, a person will learn which food labels warrant more attention, then one will learn where in the list of ingredients one should first look for key ingredients.

  I hope I have put this clearly.  None the less, I will undoubtedly visit this again as we move forward together towards gluten-free simplicity attainment.


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