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Preventing Frustrating Situations for Attaining Gluten-Free Simplicity

Posted by nepeht on October 17, 2008

7. Preventing Frustrating Situations Might Help Facilitate Ones Attainment of Gluten-Free Simplicity

  As one becomes use to the idea of going and living Gluten-Free, one finds that one encounters various old-style situations that in the new G-F style, can often lead to frustration.  For example, one might be invited to dinner and just as one is looking forward to satisfying a growing painful hunger, one notices that practically everything on the menu contains gluten.

  That’s got to be frustrating!!!

  So, how could one prevent this in the future?

  And if one prepares in order to prevent this frustration in the future, would not ones live then be simpler?

  I think so.


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