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Get like…. REALLY creative with RICE!

Posted by nepeht on October 18, 2008

Getting creative with RICE:

  While this is not a specific recipe, there will be some soon to follow.  Something I have found in attaining freedom from gluten has been that it is helpful if rather than obsessing with avoiding an ingredient (i.e., wheat), I obsess on expanding my use of an ingredient (Rice).

  I start thinking about rice and all the different ways I have had it.  Then I started noticing that the combinations seem to be endless:

  • The Asians have a bounty of good news in their various fried rice dishes.
  • The Jasmine rice of Thailand
  • East Indian cooks have several great ways of preparing rice, such as Basmati rice
  • Mexicans do a nice job with rice in several varieties.
  • In the Middle East and Greece there are lots of Rice Pilaf recipes.
  • Then there are so different types, grades and cuts of rice.

  I found that I could prepare typical long-grain white rice in the standard way, but if to 1 cup of raw rice, I added say 2 tablespoons of diced fresh tomato and one tablespoon of diced onion, along with some butter, salt, pepper and perhaps a chicken bullion, it was incredible.

  There are endless accents one can put into an otherwise plain old rice dish.  And they are really simple.  Once can add a few broccoli sprigs, or mushrooms, or green peppers, or even all three.

  The trick is modesty and timing.  One does not want to overwhelm the rice with too much of the accent.  And one should be sure not to overcook or under-cook the vegetable, nut or other ingredient they are adding.

  I encourage those who are trying to go gluten-free to start experimenting with their rice.  They key to this will be moderation, humility and documentation.  Be careful not to prepare too much such that you will have too many leftovers of something that you do not like.  Practice instant forgiveness of yourself when the outcome does not match the projected goal.  And document what you do and how you do it on little recipe cards or a palm pilot.  This way you can replicate your experiment and adjust variables as needed or desired.

  Good luck!


Footnote: There has been some recent concern about the coatings on some rice products and gluten contamination.  Please follow this link for more helpful information:


One Response to “Get like…. REALLY creative with RICE!”

  1. Wow, thank you for the link discussing rice and gluten contamination! Very helpful to know!

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