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Way #8: Using Your Smarts Might Help You Attain Gluten-Free Simplicity

Posted by nepeht on October 18, 2008

Way #8: Using Your Smarts Might Help You Attain Gluten-Free Simplicity.

  If you were born and raised in the U.S.A., you quite possibly grew up thinking the word “Flour” was almost synonymous with the word “Wheat”.  As you got older you probably started to realize that there are other types of flour (eg, corn, rice, potato etc…).

  In the U.S. culture of modern times, Wheat Flour is probably the most common type of flour in kitchens and factories by a long shot.

  So, it is not far-fetched to suggest that Wheat is a predominant part of the diet in U.S. culture.

  Now for the simple part.  Just try for a while to imagine that you are living somewhere other than in the U.S.  In Latin America for example, corn totillas are practically as available as are wheat tortillas.  In Asia, rice noodles are common.  So the “bread” on the table or the “bread-stuff” in the stuffing does not necessarily have to be made of wheat.

  And if you were somewhere else, you might find that soups, sauces and other delicious meals are thickened with ingredients other than wheat.  For example, other thickeners include:

  • Corn starch
  • Arrow Root
  • Creme of Tarter
  • Air
  • Dairy Creme
  • Pureed anything (i.e., potatos, tomatos, carrots etc…)
  • Egg yolk
  • Egg white
  • and even Butter or fat

  Thickeners can also be created through process, such as:

  • Rate and temp of heat
  • Rate and temp of cold
  • Reduction
  • Evaporation
  • Time

  So if you are someone (like me) who loves nice thick soups and sauces, there really is no need to grieve for too long about the lack of wheat in your diet.  For while some of your favorite dishes may be notably different without wheat, there is probably a distinct possibility that the taste and consistency can be just as wonderful and appealing to you once you adjust your recipes appropriately.

Check out the following links for more ideas about this:


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