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Difficulty Concentrating and Celiac Disease

Posted by nepeht on October 20, 2008

  Did someone way that Difficulty Concentrating could be a part of Celiac Disease?  This would make perfect sense to me.  Sometimes, I can sit for hours and do lots of different things at one time.  The only problem is that sometimes, very little gets done.  At some times not enough concentration leads to mistakes.  But then there are times, when I get lots done and I am proud of my word when it’s all over.

  I had to learn to take note of myself when I am not concentrating well and then to limit myself at such times to activities are are conduscive to such.

Difficulty Concentrating... In Loop-d-Loops (c.2008, WTB)

Difficulty Concentrating... In Loop-d-Loops (c.2008, WTB)

  For example, check out this photograph to the left.  I tend to get creative sometimes when concentrating is not extremely important. 

  But then, as this photo demonstrates, I can concentrate very nicely in milisecond-like packets, as taking pictures such as this requires certain calculated hand movements in time with working of certain camera buttons.

  Not so bad, uh???


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