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Avoiding “Gluten-Free” Product Price Gouging Might Contribute to Gluten-Free Simplicity

Posted by nepeht on October 21, 2008

11. Avoiding Gluten-Free Price Gouging Might Contribute to Gluten-Free Simplicity.

  First, it is important to say that one is appreciative and grateful for some of the Gluten-Free products available these days in the U.S.

  Second, one cannot help but notice how some Gluten-Free products seem to costs as much as three or four times the price of their Gluten-contaminated counter-parts.  Check out these forum comments:

  Why do some Gluten-Free Products cost more?

  There are probably many good and even sound answers to this question.  But the best one I have been able to find is that some companies/people who manufacture and/or provide Gluten-Free products charge as much as 300% or 400% of the product’s typical Gluten-Contaminated Product price simply because they can.  They see a chance to make a bundle and they are doing so.

  Meanwhile the sense of fairness and justice in U.S. society suffers another blow as those who are not blessed with good health and those who tend to have a lot of ailments are forced to pay more for their basic food sustenance than those who are fortunate enough to have good health.

  Some people seem to have it even more challenging as they have both health and religious needs to meet:

 Stories about price-gouging are common during Passover, but it seems that the customer has nobody to complain to. Asked if the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs could handle complaints, Jeff Lamm, the agency’s spokesperson, said: “The division doesn’t set prices.”   

 A ‘-pound box of shmura matzoh, an Orthodox preference for the seder but preferred at many non-Orthodox homes as well, sells for between $14.99 and ‘.99. A pound of gluten-free oat matzohs sells for $5.99.

  Certainly, there are also probably some valid actual cost-based reasons why some Gluten-Free food products cost so much.  But it is difficult to believe that it is enough to justify such a mark up. 

  Perhaps a boycott of price gouging would help merchants and manufacturers see that we can see what appears to be happening.  Or maybe no action is warranted.  Could be that it is all fair.  It might even be justifiable  That is up to each consumer.

  Maybe we should just go on and pay these prices without any complaints.  And even be grateful for the availability of such.  A combination of all three seems to work for me.

  If the price is too high, I don’t buy.  I do complain but I try to do so politely, with respect and to the right person.  I am grateful for such foods… at least the ones that taste good.

  There are a number of opinions about this issue — on both sides:

  What do you think?


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