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Gluten Cravings

Posted by nepeht on October 23, 2008

  I get Cravings for foods that typically contain Gluten.  I used to always be the guy at the table that asked for at least one more serving of bread or crackers. 

  I have always loved pizza and pasta dishes.

  Yeah, I get cravings.  And sometimes — more often than I wish — they lead to Gluten Relapse.

  Some say that there is “Gluten Withdrawal” with unpleasant symptoms:

  I guess this could lead one to cravings and/or relapse.

  Then there are those who seem to indicate that the relapse itself sets off more cravings:

  I think I have both of those things going on.  I crave then relapse.  And I relapse then crave.




The Cravings Coach:


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