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Expecting it to be Difficult Sometimes Might Help One Attain Gluten-Free Simplicity

Posted by nepeht on October 28, 2008

13. Expecting it to be Difficult Sometimes Might Help One Attain Gluten-Free Simplicity (at least with less frustration due to unexpected roadblocks and tight curves).

  I remember when I was first diagnosed with Celiac Sprue.  A numbing sense of emotional shock overtook me as my doctor told me and tried to explain what was going on.  If there was any one thing about my own psyche that I could have taken away at that time it would have been my denial.

  Though it could be trite to state it: Denial is NOT just a river in Egypt!

  And there are all kinds of Gluten DENIAL Stories…  for example:

  This person on the Gluten Free Betty blog, even posts on behalf of a sister who is allegedly in denial:

  This particular posting is interesting to me as it was only a few years ago that I tried to gently and logically help my immediate family members understand: (A) What Celiac Disease is; and (B) How they might want to get tested due to its genetic properties.  Oh…. what frustration……  It hurts just to think about it.

  Then there are those genuinely struggling with their own realization of the diagnosis and the disease:

  I can relate to all of this in some way.

  And so this is why I suggest that if there is such a thing as Gluten-Free Simplicity, that expecting it to be hard sometimes, and keeping careful feelers out for denial could be a part of it.  For things may seem “simple” whenever I relapse and go for those buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup… but afterwards….. oh…… afterwards……. 

  The denial is gone…. though it may have had to survive a round or two of anger, blame, shame, guilt etc…… but eventually ….

   …… when that denial is gone, and I can confidently expect some difficulties, then I might be better able to avoid such relapses and gradually find myself at least one step closer to “simplicity.”


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