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Way #16: Accepting that Celiac Disease is a Genetically Determined Disease Might Help One Attain Gluten-Free Simplicity

Posted by nepeht on October 31, 2008

16. Accepting that Celiac Disease is a Genetically Determined Disease Might Help One Attain Gluten-Free Simplicity.

  Many scientists are now reporting with great confidence that “Celiac Disease is Genetically Determined”, or that “susceptibility to Celiac Disease is Genetic”  There are numerous other concurring reports as well:

  Now, there are also benefits to this research in that practitioners in the field of Genetic Testing and Counseling are now able to help concerned would-be parents with questions about their future children’s likelihood of developing Celiac Disease due to inheritance of the related Gene coding.

  And clearly, there is still a long way to go scientifically:

  One can go to a blog such as Nancy Lapid’s “Celiac Disease Blog” at and discuss such things as well as other issues.

  This blog article is also about the idea that if one accepts the Genetic properties of Celiac Disease as valid, then it is possible (if not probable) that somewhere in their ancestry, someone has/had Celiac Disease or at least the Gene Coding for such.  The kicker though is that for many of us, our ancestors were long gone before the word “Gene” or “Celiac Disease” made it into the mainstream U.S. lexicon.  So this can be complex.  It can also be needless.

  But the primary point here is that one no longer needs to feel blame or shame or guilt about having Celiac Disease or having a child with such.  It is hard-wired.  You can’t help it.  Perhaps, in the future, some cases might be prevented through Genetic Counseling, but then that too opens up a whole nest of questions.

  Finally, I am really saying that this sort of information could help bring more simplicity to ones quest for freedom from gluten. 

  With so much emotion-based and morally-based and superstition-based junk out of the way, one no longer needs to speculate about how they got Celiac Disease.  One can instead concentrate on how her or his next meal will be Gluten-Free.  A celebration of sorts.  I hope. 

  Smile, it’s not your fault.


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