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Participating in Celiac- or Gluten-Related Research

Posted by nepeht on November 4, 2008

  Ever considered participating in Celiac- or Gluten-Related Research?  Are you interested in doing so?

  If you are or have been involved in clinical research, this might be old news to you.  If not, you might find this helpful.   For an example of some Celiac Disease related research one can go to:,-Fundraising,-Epidemiology,-Etc./

  As a professional researcher, but one who is NOT currently involved in any way in any Celiac- or Gluten-Related research, I can say two things up front:

  1. Competent and safe research regarding Celiac- or Gluten-Related phenomena is extremely important to those who are not perfectly OK with having Celiac Disease or another condition negatively responsive to Gluten Exposure.  Mostly, it is important for those who are either younger than us or those who cannot now advocate for themselves.  And participation in such research is crucial to its success.
  2. Secondly, I need to say that I can in no way endorse or criticize any of the research projects that I might tell you about in this blog.

  All that being said…  The NIH (National Institutes of Health) has a list of currently about 26 related studies, many of which are recruiting for participants.  One may or may not be eligible for participation and may or may not be compensated.  You can view the list at the following link:

  If you have ir are interested in other health conditions and you might consider participating, the following link provides search capabilities:

  This link leads to studies related to Crohn’s disease:

  There are probably many other studies one could get involved in.  At first though, I just wanted to list the NIH-related studies because I have confidence that researchers who comply with this organization have the least likelihood of putting human participants at risk.

  If you are interested in reports and updates on Celiac Disease research, you can got to the following sites:

  Go ahead, search for yourself.  You might find this information interesting and useful.  You might even discover a constructive way to get involved in this typically good work.


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