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Who Has a Gluten-Free Menu?

Posted by nepeht on November 13, 2008

  Just who does have a Gluten-Free?  Wouldn’t I like to know?  It would probably make eating out a whole lot more pleasant.  Might even help me to begin to forget some of the (partially self-induced) nightmares of recent years.

  The people at Gluten Free Indy offer advice about gluten free menus:

“Even in restaurants that offer a Gluten-Free menu, it is best to talk to the manager when you arrive to make sure they know you are ordering a GF meal. This is an important step to help avoid cross-contamination. Most of the time you will find that the wait staff is not well-informed about the Gluten-Free menu. It is unfortunately quite common for people to feel that they are having a gluten reaction after a restaurant meal.”

  In other words, just ordering from a “gluten free” menu might not be enough.  But it is a step ahead of some places I have been over the past few years.


One Response to “Who Has a Gluten-Free Menu?”

  1. David Brown said

    We need a restaurant in the Boynton Beach, Florida area that is open on Thanksgiving and offers gluten free choices.
    Anybody that has any suggestions, please advise.

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