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ADD and A Gluten-Free Diet

Posted by nepeht on November 17, 2008


One Response to “ADD and A Gluten-Free Diet”

  1. Jill Sacherman said

    The chain, Taco Time, has a small gluten free menu- most items are on their “Fit Hit” menu and say “gluten free.” There is a chicken salad. Some sort of Tostada and my favorite, their White Bean Chicken Chili. They switched their formularies and ensure a gluten free status on these few items. Peeping into their kitchen, it is hard to imagine how they would cross contaminate their GF offerings, but I suppose you could remind the server to use a dedicated spoon or whatever
    . So, I agree with those that state that it is not the most authentic Mexican food. However it is an easy and fairly tasty lunch or dinner out, for those of us too nervous to go very often, don’t like playing “twenty questions’ with the staff, and are sick to death of our own cooking.

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