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Is It NOT Depressing that Turkey Day Doesn’t Have to Be Gluten Day?

Posted by nepeht on November 25, 2008

  What am I really saying here?  OK, sure there are (thankfully) more and more ways to avoid Gluten on Turkey day while still enjoying the aromas, tastes, feasting spirits and the naps of Turkey Days of old.

  At the same time, I miss the old stuffing and gravy I used to lap up.  I truly miss pumpkin pies and even green bean casseroles.  I cannot say that I miss beer, but I would bet you that there are many who do miss it.

  Most of all, I miss being able to celebrate Turkey Day without being constantly reminded of my health problem(s).  Perhaps this last thing is truest of them all.  And if you know what I mean by this, then you do.  And I am sorry if it makes you feel sad also.

  So as not to let this be a totally awful feeling post, let me share a few things with you that might help brighten spirits a bit:

  Sorry, like I probably should have done this a few weeks ago. Ok…next is

  Anyone like pumpkin pie? 

  Ok, so here is a blurb about Gluten-Free Stuffing.

  I am running out of thyme.  And that’s about all I can do right now.  I hope this helps.

  Happy Turkey Day!!!


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