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Stress and Gluten Free When Out of Town???

Posted by nepeht on November 25, 2008

  If you are like me, two things are all to frequently true:

  1. Going out of town on serious business can be stressful; and
  2. Stressful times in a foreign atmosphere often lead to a Gluten Relapse — however small or catastrophic.

  In a way, I could admit that I am talking about how being in a stressful and strange atmosphere facilitates me giving myself permission to drift (and in some cases dive) away from my good-boy Gluten-Free maintenance.  Stress has been found to increase the likelihood for drug and alcohol relapse.  And there has been some reasonable discussion about Gluten and Addiction.It seems the same principles could be at work with Gluten: One is stressed, so they are more likely to do something convenient that they know could hurt them.

  Still this does not make it right. 

  And furthermore, beating myself up for my gluten relapse is probably not going to help either.

  The key is to get back onto that wagon and ride on out of here.

  Can I do it?  Yes I can!!!  OK, so on we go now.


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