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Gluten Addiction and Holiday Relapse

Posted by nepeht on December 3, 2008

  Gluten Addiction and Holiday Relapse…  Just that one phrase alone says a lot.  Here, once again, GLUTEN ADDICTION AND HOLIDAY RELAPSE….  As if like echoing down a long dark and ominous hallway leading to who knows where. 

Like a Sitting duck (c.2008, WTB)

Like a Sitting duck (c.2008, WTB)

 Holidays can be hard enough for many many many other reasons.  And if one is sensitive enough to catch that kind of sideways stuff as it creeps and flies around the old family home, one can get distracted.  And this might leave one sitting like a duck.  Or like a sitting duck, as the expression goes.

  And then, as the story goes, out of nowhere and into my old living room where it can be most invisible, I begin to ignore that rather large boysenberry-colored elephant.  Thus like an old warrior, I launch my boats once again, onto that mighty river called denial.  Before I know it, I am allowing myself a few biscuits and mom’s pancakes at breakfast, a beer and sandwich in the afternoon, and Dad’s dressing, gravy, and pumpkin pie etc…. during dinner. 

  Eventually, the cravings that can haunt me day and night begin to fade into the various signs, symptoms, pains and negative emotions that come with Gluten-Poisoning.  And one says,

“Although there are people who will “Coach” a me when going through such cravings and will help me stay Gluten-Sober, I do not call on them.  I do not ask for help?  No… not always.”  That is something I had to learn to do.  it’s like, “oh no, I can feed my big multi-colored elephant myself.  And I’m so good at it that I can also ignore it at the same time.  After all, It won’t fit onto my little denial river canoe.”  

  Oh shazzzzzit!!!  Why can’t I just crave apples, mangos, bananas or something healthy like that?

Apples anyone? (c.2008, WTB)

Apples anyone? (c.2008, WTB)

  I crave pizza a lot.  I crave bread like on sandwiches.  I crave lots of things that I really should not be craving.  Some people say that being on a strict Gluten-Free diet actually helps one cut down on or eliminate food cravings such as for fattening foods etc.

  But after EVERY binge, comes the cliff as well as what lies beneath.

  It is like there really is something to the idea that gluten addiction is similar to an opiate addiction.  Seems far-fetched.  But maybe possible when you think of it. 

  Some authors write about a painful withdrawal process associated with gluten.  “Withdrawal after stopping wheat or milk products can be painful, exhausting, and depressing, with weakness, anger, and brain fog.”  There is certainly a lot of blog traffic concerning “Anger” and “Gluten Detox”.  And anyone can figure that if one is NOT exposed to something, then there is no detox and probably no detox-sized anger either.

  So then, how to quell the anger???  One blogger wrote about how he craves pastries and such.  I can identify with this…. regrettably.  I can be a champion of self-medication.  And so it again triumphs, the cycle of addiction just keeps on rolling through my life, kicking but and taking names.

  A sad picture…  Yes, and unfortunately, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess that we each have our own related sagas.

  Hopefully, in a not-so-smooth nutshell, this can be a primer on Gluten Addiction and Holiday Relapse.  We gotta break it.  How?  A few suggestions to Self:

  • Increasing Knowledge about Gluten-Alternatives,
  • Develop More Self-Awareness,
  • Reach out for Social Support (support group),
  • Change Negative Behaviors, 
  • Reduce Exposure to Gluten-Containing Situations, and
  • Ask for help when appropriate. 

There are many good ideas.  Support is probably one of the most important resources one can make use of.  I have not listed them all.  What would you suggest?

  But it is ultimately up to one.  I mean One.  Isn’t it?

  Anyway, enjoy the Holidays and try to be safe as you treat your self and your body nicely… You deserve it.


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