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Way #26: Politely Encouraging Stakeholders to Act Mindfully on Gluten-Related Issues Can Help One Attain Gluten-Free Simplicity

Posted by nepeht on December 4, 2008

Way #26: Politely Encouraging Stakeholders to Act Mindfully on Gluten-Related Issues Can Help One Attain Gluten-Free Simplicity:

  According to Wikipedia, a stakeholder is, “a person, group, organization, or system who affects or can be affected by an organization’s actions.”  In other words, this probably would include (respectfully) you, or you would not be reading this right now.  It also can include those who care about or are impacted by you.  And stakeholders can include the medical community, gluten-free bloggers, merchants, food manufacturers, policy makers, authors, chefs, researchers, support groups and many others.

Sometimes I Feel Like a Beautiful Butterfly at Work (c.2008, WTB)

Sometimes I Feel Like a Beautiful Butterfly at Work (c.2008, WTB)

  There is little doubt that the more a person feels that they can influence their fate; the more motivated they feel to do so.  In other words, persons with Gluten-Related issues who feel they are simply victims and have no influence will probably be less progressive and have a smaller impact on their fates than will persons with the same issues who feel that they can contribute toward improving the quality of life for others with this problem. 

  I hate to do this, but, look at me for example. 

  I write about Gluten-Related Challenges.  And  I try to encourage people.  Honestly, since I started doing so, I have felt a little better here and there.  And that’s wonderful for me!!!

  This next part is very important.  Many times in life, I have learned the lesson about how: If it is flies One wants, One can catch more flies with Honey than with Vinegar (even if it is gluten-free).  It is most likely to be the same with stakeholders.  If I want to catch stakeholders’ attention and influence them, I should use something sweet rather than something bitter.  Right???  So it is important to be both polite and respectful.

  Another concept here is “Mindfulness”.  Essentially, I am talking about respect, regard and responsibility.  We would want these persons to act in ways that:

  • Are respectful of us as humans or equal worth,
  • Demonstrate a level of high regard for us, and
  • Reflect the stakeholder’s responsibility.

  In short form, we would like these persons to act humanistically

  And how might this increase a person’s sens of Gluten-Free Simplicity?  Well, theoretically, this could lead to a person having:

  • More allies
  • More support
  • Fewer hidden dangers
  • More awareness, and
  • A higher self image

  A great example would be one of the groups that openly advocates for persons with Celiac Disease such as the Gluten Intolerance Group.  Check out their website.  Notice what they do.  One does not have to be in an organization to get things done, but sometimes it can help. 

  Try it.  It cannot hurt.  You can do this alone or with others.


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