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Feeding Two Birds with ONE Seed

Posted by nepeht on December 15, 2008

  I was checking out this blog titled, “Deb Brammer: You and me — working together” and its posting, “Gluten-Free Company“.  It started out with,

“You’ve just invited company and now you find out they have to have a gluten-free diet. Now you are having second thoughts. What will you fix? Maybe you wish you hadn’t even invited them.”

I was a little bemused … if that’s the correct word for…. what???.  Then I read on:

“But consider this. People who need a gluten-free diet (celiacs) are often very nice people who don’t get invited out much. They will especially appreciate the extra effort you take to prepare the meal. They didn’t ask to have this problem and they don’t have any choice about it. They can live absolutely normal lives when they figure out how to handle their diet. Their biggest problem is eating out or eating with people who aren’t used to cooking gluten-free.”

  I could not totally agree with the statement, “they can live absolutely normal lives”, but the “when they figure out how to handle their diet” part rang genuine in a big way.

  I went… Oh… OK, much much much much much better!!!

  This was  a great idea.  This article then pointed readers to another Internet post on  Easy pointers for how to feed a Gluten-Free person.  Which led me to a link about just “How To” do this in a simple way. 

  Then it hit me — what better way to also learn about how to deal with a Gluten-Free diet for people who ARE Gluten-Free (or need to be) and are either new to it or are still learning the basics.

  So I just had to kind of echo both Ms. Brammer’s message and the “” article on the “How to” of it.  There are some simple and basic truths about living a Gluten-Free life.  Sure, much of this path is very complex and can grow to be as rich as it is complicated, but at the beginning, the fundamental building blocks are both simple and essential.

  As a person who has spent much time and effort as a professional teacher, one of the things toward which I gravitate is teaching about Gluten-Free living.  I also see evidence of others struggling with this.  And even in the professional realm, the idea of teaching Gluten-Free tasks is picking up steam.  It appears they are teaching a class in it at the Culinary Institute of America.  This is great news as it means a whole new generation of chefs will be operating with G-F needs in mind on some scale.  Many are excited about this.

  So the idea of “Feeding Two Birds with ONE Seed” is that while a blogger is writing about how a host should go about treating Gluten-Free guests to appropriate hospitality; this blogger is also contributing valuable knowledge and tips to those of us who are still learning about how to go about this Gluten-Free life. 

  I am glad she did that.


One Response to “Feeding Two Birds with ONE Seed”

  1. debbrammer said

    Thank you for your lovely article and comment on my blog. My Celiac husband and daughter travel a lot and often eat in the homes of other people. We understand how daunting it is to invite people who need a gluten-free diet for a meal and appreciate the extra effort people take for their diets. Thank you for your work toward educating people about gluten-free diets.
    My website is new and I’m still learning how to handle it, but if you send me a link to your site, I’ll list it. Just put it in the comment box under recipes. Deb Brammer

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