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Way #89: Learn Some Kitchen Basics so You Can Experiment and Enhance your Sense of Gluten-Free Simplicity

Posted by nepeht on December 17, 2008

Way #89: Learn Some Kitchen Basics so You Can Experiment and Enhance your Sense of Gluten-Free Simplicity:

  It is one thing to be about to try new foods here and there that are made by another person for us.  But unless one is extremely resourceful,  that can be a difficult thing to expect on a regular basis.  Thus, I suggest that you learn how to do some Kitchen crafting on your own.

  No offense of course, if you are already a kitchen person.  But if not — and IF you need to be Gluten-Free — it is highly suggested that you try your best to take it up as soon as possible.  Look at it as a hobby if you must.  There are some web sources which freely offer up tips for such a venture.

  Some experts advocate separate toolsof certain types for a truly Gluten-Free Kitchen and this is for good reason.  As one moves along in this venture, one learns more and more.  There are many great tipson the Internet about prepping certain items or which items on the market react in different ways when cooking.

  Then there is the whole mental thing.  Open your mind if you can!  Try some new and creative ideas and combinations.  If you are embarrassed, just make a little at first and don’t tell anyone about it until you find the right combination.  Try these ideas:

  • Make some super easy basic Gluten-Free spaghetti sauce, Sirloin Beef tips with sauce, Chili, or Eggs and put one of these over a baked potato.
  • Develop new and diverse versions of basic rice.  Do this by trying out adding small amounts or onion, tomato, mushrooms, peppers, G-F Chicken Broth, Broccoli, Almonds or a thousand other things.
  • Integrate Yellow or White Corn into  dishes such as soups, chili or sautes.
  • Experiment with making basic sauces with Corn Starch.  There is a trick to this, but it is great and handy once you get the hang of it.
  • Include Edible Garnishes in meals with simple slices or wedges of Orange, Lemon, Lime, Apple or Pineapple.
  • If you are craving fried meats, explore lightly breading pork chops, chicken, fish, seafood, vegitables or steak with either Gluten-Free Corn Meal or Maseca.

  The key will be to follow some basic rules at first:

  1. Only make a little (one or two servings) at a time.
  2. Only change one or two variables at a time so as to NOT get confused about what causes what results.
  3. Document what you do.
  4. Ask for advice on basic preparation of things such as corn starch, rice, sauces etc..
  5. Practice with constant forgiveness.  There really is no harm done if it tastes awful.  You can always learn and move on.  Who knows, perhaps the next project will be incredible.
  6. Keep kitchen safety in mind (i.e., Gluten-Contamination, Heat/Hot Burns, Food Freshness/Storage, Knife Safety).

  These are just a few very basic ideas that probably require as much creative energy as they do basic cooking skills.

  Let me know how it works out.


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