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Way #30: Avoid Unnecessary Temptations as you Move Toward Your Version of Gluten-Free Simplicity

Posted by nepeht on December 23, 2008

Way #30: Avoid Unnecessary Temptations as you Move Toward Your Version of Gluten-Free Simplicity.

  Remember that saying, “Out of sight; out of mind”?  Of course you do. 

  This posting is about things like that which one can use to help simplify their Gluten-Free Life.  Here are some ideas to try:

  1. Store Breads and other obvious Gluten-Containing Items out of direct sight.
  2. Do not stock Gluten-Containing Items in your home unless absolutely necessary for a cohabitant.
  3. Make a list of favorite and healthy G-F snacks.
  4. Be sure to have lots of easy-to-grab snacks like fruits, cheeses, and G-F popcorn. 
  5. If your kitchen has Gluten-Containing Items, segregate your kitchen according to Gluten Content.
  6. Stock your kitchen with plenty of Gluten-Free foods (but only the ones you know you like). 
  7. If eating out, politely ask servers to leave Gluten-Containing items off of your plate when you are served.  “Save it for someone else.”
  8. If you are really hungry, politely ask servers to substitute your Gluten-Containing Item for another item that is both health y and Gluten-Free.  Exchange your piece of cake for a piece of fruit or ask for more Grits in place of the toast.
  9. Avoid hanging out in Bakeries, Sandwich Shops, Bars and other places where Gluten tends to be in like 90% of the products served or sold.
  10. Frequently carry a G-F snack (like hidden in a brief case or backpack) so that you can enjoy that quickly rather than choosing something else (possibly G-Contaminated) in a hurry later.
  11. Avoid shopping when you are really really hungry.  There is probably a higher tendency toward snacking in the store and what with availability of G-Items, that could be a problem or at best an invitation to Relapse.
  12. Avoid Group-Level Peer Attention Sessions where your Gluten-Related Situation/Needs/Uniqueness is the major topic.  You might try it a few times and if it feels comfortable, go for it.  But do not be afraid to change the subject if you feel uncomfortable.  Remember, there is no real need to explain in depth when politely turning down food or beverage.
  13. If you run into a situation and have a relapse that seems to be closely related to being in that particular situation, then beware the next time you are heading into that situation.  Plan ahead to avoid it next time.
  14. When preparing for spending time in a setting where you are not sure about availability of G-F products, go ahead and take some things along in order to insure you will have some safe resources on-hand.
  15. If something looks really good but you are not sure if it has Gluten, read the label, ask someone, look it up on the Internet.

  Surely there are many other ways to avoid temptation.  Send me a few if you think of them.


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