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Why Gluten-Free if Not Required? Great Question!

Posted by nepeht on December 23, 2008

  Why Would Anyone Go on A Gluten-Free Diet if She/He Did Not Have To?  Think about it.

  There are some hassles involved are there not?  High Prices, Aches, Pains, Social Awkwardness, more Headaches, Totally De-calibrated Nutrition Balance (i.e., Fats-to-Proteins-to-Carbs), Monotony, Moods, etc………..

  This is an excellent question. And it also brings up some wonderful, but often unfortunate, problems with contemporary U.S. culture.

  The original article about this phenomenon can be found at:

  Unfortunately, but informatively, there are also other articles about this phenomenon:

  Where is this world going with this???

  Happy reading.

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