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Way #35: Gluten-Free Tax Breaks on the Way to Gluten-Free Simplicity

Posted by nepeht on December 31, 2008

Way #35: Gluten-Free Tax Breaks on the Way to Gluten-Free Simplicity.

  I am not a tax professional, but basically, there are at least 3 places where Gluten-Free Issues cross Tax Breaks and they are the possibility of using ones Flexible Spending Account when buying certain items, Tax Deductions for the extra costs of eating Gluten-Free, and Tax Deductions for Medical Expenses. has  some articles regarding Tax issues and being Gluten-Free. 

  Another article, “How To Get Tax Deductions for Food” states, “If you have celiac disease where you must avoid eating gluten, you may be able to claim the expense of gluten free foods on your tax return. ”   And still there are more articles on this issue. 

  With all this talk about tax breaks, I want to be clear that I do not mean to neglect those of us who don’t really earn enough to where tax breaks are meaningful.  For these people there are other ways to save money and be Gluten-Free according to some authors.

  Either way, living Gluten-Free is VERY expensive and I have never heard otherwise.  So good luck this year with your taxes and/or your ways of saving on expenses in the first place.


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