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Some Positive Affirmations (Gluten-Free!!!)

Posted by nepeht on March 5, 2009

Some Positive Affirmations


  Over the years, I have found and shared many benefits of positive affirmations.  I also like them with perhaps a slight accent of humor and even reality.  I have often found that this sort of exercise can be really fun for friends, family and others who although they are just perfect, they might be feeling down today. 

  But first and foremost, I find them helpful for me…. because I deserve it!!!

Here are a few I can now share with you:

  1. Though I may be feeling fatigued and even seem lazy right now; I am a precious person of magnificent potential.
  2. I am a genuinely caring and considerate person even though my irritable moods have occasionally made me appear otherwise.
  3. My mind, body and reputation have all suffered the continuous assaults and pains of Celiac Disease, other related ailments, and the struggles of trying to go Gluten-Free.  Nonetheless, I am a vibrant being with a nice body, a sound mind, and good character.

  So, these are just a few positive affirmations that are good for me as I look in my mirror and sincerely convince myself of their validity. 

  I hope that if you try my affirmations, they can be good for you too.  And if you have some affirmations to share, please feel free.

William Beverly, Ph.D. (March 5, 2009)

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