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Intriguing Site: “Celiac Today”

Posted by nepeht on November 18, 2009

  From the Celiac Today tagline, one can read their meaningful goal: “News and Knowledge to Unite the Celiac Community”.

  As one reads further, one will read, “Our Aim is the Unify the Community”.  They mention several sections including: Medicine, Lifestyle, Community, Food Chain, and People, where one will find Celiac-related information.  The site offers a bounty of information and best of all, it appears to be free.

Mountains of Information at "Celiac Today" (c.2009, wtb)

  This idea of “Unifying the community” also appears to be a wonderful and timely notion.  My experience of the online Celiac crowd has been about 98% positive.  At the same time, there have been one or two instances where it seemed that those with whom I was dealing had something in mind other than providing a truly diverse wealth of free information to anyone who needed it.

  Anyway, I thought this site was worth mentioning and I hope you find it as interesting as I did.  It really appears to contain a mountain of information.


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