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Live from the GIG Conference in Minneapolis / Saint Paul, Minnesotta!

Posted by nepeht on June 4, 2010

GIG Volunteers are standing by. So, come on down!

We are here enjoying the Gluten Intollerance Group’s Annual Education Conference!

“Savor the Flavor of a Healthy Gluten-Free Life”  Tons of great speakers, exhibits, people and FOOD!

Photo by William T. Beverly, Ph.D.

For more infomation, go to the GIG website.


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Excited to be Speaking at Upcoming GIG Conference

Posted by nepeht on February 18, 2010

I am Excited to be Speaking at the Upcoming GIG Conference in June in Minneapolis, Minnesota!

  The 2010 GIG Annual Education Conference is called, “Savor the Flavor of a Healthy Gluten-Free Life”.  The conference will be held at the Minneapolis Airport Marriott, June 4-5, 2010.

  Follow this link for more information about how you can attend this wonderful event.

  According to the Conference Brochure,

“The General Education Conference takes place Friday and Saturday, and includes breakfast and lunch both days. Conference attendees can sign up for optional Friday night dining options and networking with friends. Sign up now for Saturday evening’s “Helping Hands” Banquet, featuring internationally acclaimed speaker Dr. Rodney Ford, from New Zealand. Helping Hands banquet will feature a delectable buffet of gluten-free foods and lots of fun.”

“Presentations from leading experts provide a choice of topics for beginners and veterans to the gluten-free lifestyle. Saturday’s schedule will feature the additions of two programs; one for parents of GF kids and a program for teens in conjunction with TAGS (Teen Advocates with Gluten Sensitivities). The exhibit area will feature food, supplement, cosmetic companies, authors, and other services for those living a GF life. You will be able to place orders and buy products on site. Shipping services may be available.”

   There are going to be many presentations.  I have been honored to be invited to speak at this conference.  I will be giving two separate presentations:

Strengthening our Bonds, Groups, Volunteers and Leaders

“This presentation briefly explores modern applied theories related to Human Bonding, Groups and Leadership. Psychological Kinship Theory as it pertains to peer support group relationships and volunteering will be discussed. This will be followed by introductory remarks concerning Self- Help, Peer Social Support and Leadership within such contexts. Participants will then be asked to consider synthesizing these perspectives into an emergent, constructive discussion on enhancing GIG Branch Leadership Opportunities, Effectiveness, and Efficiency.”


Making the Most of Your Gluten-Free Bucks

“This presentation explores some basic food physics for quickly making educated guesses about gluten content in grocery products. Participants are informed about certain keywords that are known to frequently indicate gluten content or cross-contamination. Some typically gluten-free, common food product groups are identified. This is followed by a discussion about combining gluten-free foods to create an enjoyable cuisine without busting one’s budget.”

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Someone at Bob’s Red Mill is Going Gluten-Free for One Month! What Next?

Posted by nepeht on January 28, 2009

  Someone at Bob’s Red Mill is Going Gluten-Free for One Month!  They wrote:

“Starting today, one of my cohorts (Chelsea) and I will take on a challenge to unwavering live life without gluten for four weeks.”  The Mill Room Blog

  I find this interesting.  As a social worker,

Did you ever get so close to something that you couldn't even see just how bad it could really stick you? (C.2009, WTB)

Did you ever get so close to something that you couldn't even see just how bad it could really stick you? (C.2009, WTB)

 I have witnessed such efforts over the years.

  This is clearly on some levels, a wonderful thing to do.  Surely, there can be great gains from such experiences.

  On the other hand, it raises some questions.  There might also arise some misconceptions. 

  I mean, according to this posting, the person who is going G-F for the next month is now perplexed because he now has to figure out what he can have for lunch today.  In the meantime, I am getting really concerned about how I am going to have health insurance next year.

  Check out the original posting at and tell me what you think.  Yes, I know, one hates to seem critical.  But take a look and tell me what you feel.

  Again, I am grateful that someone is taking the time and energy to learn more about living Gluten-Free.  At the same time, when considering the source, the circumstances and a lot of other factors, the questions for me become much more rich.

  What do you think?

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Crohn’s Scholarship Funds, Football Players, and Personal Grief

Posted by nepeht on November 21, 2008

  There is a fund that awards higher education scholarships to persons with Crohn’s Disease.  Great!!!  Now, we need a whole bunch more of these, ok??? Pretty please!!!

Small Change (c.2008, WTB)

Small Change (c.2008, WTB)

  It was about 1981 when I was first diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.  I have had numerous surgeries.  I survived an era where I was constantly denied health insurance (and consequently much needed health care and medications) as well as employment due to this disease.  I was also not eligible for any sort of disability coverage.  This has changed very slightly over time.  More than a thousand times, I have counted on change to make things happen.   And I mean change in two ways: as coins or funding; and as in someone making a difference.  I am grateful to David Garrard for that.  No doubt, his donations will make a great difference.  One can see the obvious hope and encouragement Mr. Garrard’s commercials have provided for certain people living with Crohn’s Disease.

  In 2003, I finally received my Ph.D. in Social Work from a very good university.  I owe about $175,000.00 for that education.  I still see discrimination by insurance companies, employers, and Government Benefits Policies due to Crohn’s disease.

  On one hand, I am very happy to see a football player do so well at his profession while also outing himself about Crohn’s Disease.  I am also Thrilled and Grateful to find there is a scholarship to help persons with Crohn’s Disease get educated.  Lord knows this is needed as Crohn’s often hinders ones ability to do physical work and to be educated is often a key to learning to work with ones mind instead.

  On the other hand, I am deeply saddened because there is a very long ways to go before people with Crohn’s Disease are given the help and compassion that they truly deserve.  In my condition, since about 21 years of age, I could not even consider playing football, or any other rough activity.  Now after living over half my life this way, I kind of grieve the fact that I could never have qualified for a physically demanding job like football or a career with great benefits like the Armed Forces.

  So, it is a celebrated fact that a Football Player with Crohn’s has gone public.  But with all due respect and a lot of gratitude, I am still waiting for other shoes to drop.  For one, I certainly hope that a whole bunch of prospective football greats with Crohn’s Disease will carefully consult with their doctors before they go out for the team this year.

  Above all, I pray that this type of good work continues and that some day a diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease will not mean anything (socially, financially or pathologically) like it did just three decades ago.

  And last, but not least, given some of the research findings I have read recently, I hope that people with Crohn’s Disease will consider going on Gluten-Free Diets.

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Gluten Intolerance Group of North America; 35th Annual Education Conference

Posted by nepeht on October 16, 2008

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