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Gluten-Free New Year’s Resolution

Posted by nepeht on December 31, 2008

My Gluten-Free New Year’s Resolution?

  Sure…. No gluten in 2009.

  Got it?


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Gluten-Free Energy Diet (part 1): Energy Levels with Celiac Disease and Its Partner, Gluten-Sensitivity

Posted by nepeht on December 9, 2008

  How is your energy level these days? If you are like me then you are possibly looking for various ways to boost your energy because Celiac Disease (CD) and its Gluten-Sensitive (G-S)partner tend to take just about all I got sometimes. 

   There are always the standard recommendations for boosting energy such as eating right (woopssss!!! right there…. bang bang bang bang… “problem sir”!!!!).. 

Good, Smart, Dependable Info Does NOT Make Energy By Itself (c.2008, WTB)

Good, Smart, Dependable Info Does NOT Make Energy By Itself (c.2008, WTB)

  Even with the best information in the world, it can be difficult to “eat right” when one has CD or G-S.  First of all, the energy to follow such advice is already lacking from the start.  Then, there are other issues such as adverse cravings etc…

  I am not meaning to poo poo it all.  Just to be realistic… at least being true to my reality.

  OK… wait a minute.  I am NOT trying to bring you down.  I’m just trying relate ya see???

 I remember hearing about an early French scientist who proposed the idea that energy never really goes away, it just changes form or phase.  Well, if that is so, then where does it come from one has CD and/or a G-S problem?  Perhaps supplements could help kind of like little pieces of kindling for a fire.

  Then there is the idea of getting plenty of sleep… man sleeping is also irregular (at best) these days.

  But no kidding, I do try to eat enough veggies, fruits, proteins, dairy etc…, but it never seems to be enough to boost my energy level.  I even take B-12 injections sometimes.

  I have been curious about supplements.  I found a site that gives some specific recommendations about CD and Vitamin supplements.  Exploring this can help clue one into the various related vitamins if nothing else.  But first I need to quote from the site:

“Claims made on line about specific vitamins formulas or individual health supplements on or through this site have not been evaluated by the FDA and Vitamins on line custom vitamins, custom multivitamins, herbal supplements and health supplements are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.”

  Now, I can say that this site is at .

  It is interesting to see the various vitamins that a person with CD or G-S might need as a supplement to her/his diet.

  I am not recommending that anyone try this.  But it is food for thought.  And I hope it is food that gives energy instead of that which taketh away.

  To be Continued … as soon as I get the energy.


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When You Are Out of Town

Posted by nepeht on December 5, 2008

  When you are out of town, watch out for the Gluten Bug!!!  Hold it.  What am I saying?  I should be saying this to me….

  Ok…. note to Self.  When I am out of town, I had better watch out for the Gluten Bug!!!


Things Get Crazy, and I Can Not See My G-F Needs Clearly (c.2008, WTB)

Things Get Crazy, and I Can Not See My G-F Needs Clearly (c.2008, WTB)


  Many of us humans do so much better with some consistency in our regular human-type rituals… like, eating, sleeping, bathing etc…  But when I am out of town, naturally, these things can get pretty INconsististent.  And when my rituals go off track by but sooooo much, it is easy to lose my rythem.

  So, that’s really all I am saying.  Be careful when out of town.  And watch out for the Gluten Bug!!!

  It is easy to relapse when these things happen.

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Gluten Addiction and Holiday Relapse

Posted by nepeht on December 3, 2008

  Gluten Addiction and Holiday Relapse…  Just that one phrase alone says a lot.  Here, once again, GLUTEN ADDICTION AND HOLIDAY RELAPSE….  As if like echoing down a long dark and ominous hallway leading to who knows where. 

Like a Sitting duck (c.2008, WTB)

Like a Sitting duck (c.2008, WTB)

 Holidays can be hard enough for many many many other reasons.  And if one is sensitive enough to catch that kind of sideways stuff as it creeps and flies around the old family home, one can get distracted.  And this might leave one sitting like a duck.  Or like a sitting duck, as the expression goes.

  And then, as the story goes, out of nowhere and into my old living room where it can be most invisible, I begin to ignore that rather large boysenberry-colored elephant.  Thus like an old warrior, I launch my boats once again, onto that mighty river called denial.  Before I know it, I am allowing myself a few biscuits and mom’s pancakes at breakfast, a beer and sandwich in the afternoon, and Dad’s dressing, gravy, and pumpkin pie etc…. during dinner. 

  Eventually, the cravings that can haunt me day and night begin to fade into the various signs, symptoms, pains and negative emotions that come with Gluten-Poisoning.  And one says,

“Although there are people who will “Coach” a me when going through such cravings and will help me stay Gluten-Sober, I do not call on them.  I do not ask for help?  No… not always.”  That is something I had to learn to do.  it’s like, “oh no, I can feed my big multi-colored elephant myself.  And I’m so good at it that I can also ignore it at the same time.  After all, It won’t fit onto my little denial river canoe.”  

  Oh shazzzzzit!!!  Why can’t I just crave apples, mangos, bananas or something healthy like that?

Apples anyone? (c.2008, WTB)

Apples anyone? (c.2008, WTB)

  I crave pizza a lot.  I crave bread like on sandwiches.  I crave lots of things that I really should not be craving.  Some people say that being on a strict Gluten-Free diet actually helps one cut down on or eliminate food cravings such as for fattening foods etc.

  But after EVERY binge, comes the cliff as well as what lies beneath.

  It is like there really is something to the idea that gluten addiction is similar to an opiate addiction.  Seems far-fetched.  But maybe possible when you think of it. 

  Some authors write about a painful withdrawal process associated with gluten.  “Withdrawal after stopping wheat or milk products can be painful, exhausting, and depressing, with weakness, anger, and brain fog.”  There is certainly a lot of blog traffic concerning “Anger” and “Gluten Detox”.  And anyone can figure that if one is NOT exposed to something, then there is no detox and probably no detox-sized anger either.

  So then, how to quell the anger???  One blogger wrote about how he craves pastries and such.  I can identify with this…. regrettably.  I can be a champion of self-medication.  And so it again triumphs, the cycle of addiction just keeps on rolling through my life, kicking but and taking names.

  A sad picture…  Yes, and unfortunately, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess that we each have our own related sagas.

  Hopefully, in a not-so-smooth nutshell, this can be a primer on Gluten Addiction and Holiday Relapse.  We gotta break it.  How?  A few suggestions to Self:

  • Increasing Knowledge about Gluten-Alternatives,
  • Develop More Self-Awareness,
  • Reach out for Social Support (support group),
  • Change Negative Behaviors, 
  • Reduce Exposure to Gluten-Containing Situations, and
  • Ask for help when appropriate. 

There are many good ideas.  Support is probably one of the most important resources one can make use of.  I have not listed them all.  What would you suggest?

  But it is ultimately up to one.  I mean One.  Isn’t it?

  Anyway, enjoy the Holidays and try to be safe as you treat your self and your body nicely… You deserve it.

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Some Days Feel Like This.

Posted by nepeht on November 30, 2008

Looking for Answers in a Painful World (c.2008, WTB)

Looking for Answers in a Painful World (c.2008, WTB)

  And on days like this, sometimes those who are closest to us and support us the most are more involved in our pain than we might notice at first.  It is not easy to see through the fog of intense pain whether it be physical, emotional or both.  A loving hand reaching toward us is a wonderful thing.  When we can see it.

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Is It NOT Depressing that Turkey Day Doesn’t Have to Be Gluten Day?

Posted by nepeht on November 25, 2008

  What am I really saying here?  OK, sure there are (thankfully) more and more ways to avoid Gluten on Turkey day while still enjoying the aromas, tastes, feasting spirits and the naps of Turkey Days of old.

  At the same time, I miss the old stuffing and gravy I used to lap up.  I truly miss pumpkin pies and even green bean casseroles.  I cannot say that I miss beer, but I would bet you that there are many who do miss it.

  Most of all, I miss being able to celebrate Turkey Day without being constantly reminded of my health problem(s).  Perhaps this last thing is truest of them all.  And if you know what I mean by this, then you do.  And I am sorry if it makes you feel sad also.

  So as not to let this be a totally awful feeling post, let me share a few things with you that might help brighten spirits a bit:

  Sorry, like I probably should have done this a few weeks ago. Ok…next is

  Anyone like pumpkin pie? 

  Ok, so here is a blurb about Gluten-Free Stuffing.

  I am running out of thyme.  And that’s about all I can do right now.  I hope this helps.

  Happy Turkey Day!!!

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Stress and Gluten Free When Out of Town???

Posted by nepeht on November 25, 2008

  If you are like me, two things are all to frequently true:

  1. Going out of town on serious business can be stressful; and
  2. Stressful times in a foreign atmosphere often lead to a Gluten Relapse — however small or catastrophic.

  In a way, I could admit that I am talking about how being in a stressful and strange atmosphere facilitates me giving myself permission to drift (and in some cases dive) away from my good-boy Gluten-Free maintenance.  Stress has been found to increase the likelihood for drug and alcohol relapse.  And there has been some reasonable discussion about Gluten and Addiction.It seems the same principles could be at work with Gluten: One is stressed, so they are more likely to do something convenient that they know could hurt them.

  Still this does not make it right. 

  And furthermore, beating myself up for my gluten relapse is probably not going to help either.

  The key is to get back onto that wagon and ride on out of here.

  Can I do it?  Yes I can!!!  OK, so on we go now.

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Gluten-Free Kitty Cat

Posted by nepeht on November 25, 2008


Relaxing Kitty (c.2008, WTB)

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Crohn’s Scholarship Funds, Football Players, and Personal Grief

Posted by nepeht on November 21, 2008

  There is a fund that awards higher education scholarships to persons with Crohn’s Disease.  Great!!!  Now, we need a whole bunch more of these, ok??? Pretty please!!!

Small Change (c.2008, WTB)

Small Change (c.2008, WTB)

  It was about 1981 when I was first diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.  I have had numerous surgeries.  I survived an era where I was constantly denied health insurance (and consequently much needed health care and medications) as well as employment due to this disease.  I was also not eligible for any sort of disability coverage.  This has changed very slightly over time.  More than a thousand times, I have counted on change to make things happen.   And I mean change in two ways: as coins or funding; and as in someone making a difference.  I am grateful to David Garrard for that.  No doubt, his donations will make a great difference.  One can see the obvious hope and encouragement Mr. Garrard’s commercials have provided for certain people living with Crohn’s Disease.

  In 2003, I finally received my Ph.D. in Social Work from a very good university.  I owe about $175,000.00 for that education.  I still see discrimination by insurance companies, employers, and Government Benefits Policies due to Crohn’s disease.

  On one hand, I am very happy to see a football player do so well at his profession while also outing himself about Crohn’s Disease.  I am also Thrilled and Grateful to find there is a scholarship to help persons with Crohn’s Disease get educated.  Lord knows this is needed as Crohn’s often hinders ones ability to do physical work and to be educated is often a key to learning to work with ones mind instead.

  On the other hand, I am deeply saddened because there is a very long ways to go before people with Crohn’s Disease are given the help and compassion that they truly deserve.  In my condition, since about 21 years of age, I could not even consider playing football, or any other rough activity.  Now after living over half my life this way, I kind of grieve the fact that I could never have qualified for a physically demanding job like football or a career with great benefits like the Armed Forces.

  So, it is a celebrated fact that a Football Player with Crohn’s has gone public.  But with all due respect and a lot of gratitude, I am still waiting for other shoes to drop.  For one, I certainly hope that a whole bunch of prospective football greats with Crohn’s Disease will carefully consult with their doctors before they go out for the team this year.

  Above all, I pray that this type of good work continues and that some day a diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease will not mean anything (socially, financially or pathologically) like it did just three decades ago.

  And last, but not least, given some of the research findings I have read recently, I hope that people with Crohn’s Disease will consider going on Gluten-Free Diets.

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Expressing Feelings Constructively Might Help One Attain Gluten-Free Simplicity

Posted by nepeht on November 12, 2008

18. Expressing Feelings Constructively Might Help One Attain Gluten-Free Simplicity.

  It is quite possible that most anyone with a Gluten allergy knows something about irritability, mood swings /changes, generally feeling awfulness etc…


Sometimes So Irritable Flowers Can't Make Me Smile (c.2008, WTB)

  Many times, in my earlier years in dealing with Celiac Disease, it was easier to be overwhelmed and so there were more than a few times that I was no fun to be around, especially during meals.  And if you think about it, if you cannot be tolerated during meals, then you are likely to spend a lot of time alone.

  I had lots of mixed emotions and confusion over tons of data, much of which was invalid, about my Celiac Disease and the required Gluten-Free Lifestyle.  Scratch that… cause at that point, I didn’t even realize that I could get exposed with anything other than foods.  These days I am beginning to wonder if my shampoo has gluten in it.

  Anyway, I was (and still am sometimes) quite difficult to be with from time to time.  It was probably at its worst peak about the time I felt like the world owed me an apology or something.  Glad I am over that.  I think…

  Although it was probably just too simple to fathom at that time, over the years I have concluded that regardless of another person’s relation to my moment, they are NEVER (well maybe almost never) fully deserving of any sort of tongue lashing.

  I have found that even though I tend to get irritable and fatigued more than anyone I know, if I express my feelings constructively and take steps to prevent any escalation of the negative energy, I feel much better in the long run.

  So it really wasn’t difficult for me at first to realize what my feelings were about this situation.  What was challenging, was learning how to deal with them constructively and how to express them in ways that do not leave any baggage over to be carried on the next day.

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