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Why Gluten-Free if Not Required? Great Question!

Posted by nepeht on December 23, 2008

  Why Would Anyone Go on A Gluten-Free Diet if She/He Did Not Have To?  Think about it.

  There are some hassles involved are there not?  High Prices, Aches, Pains, Social Awkwardness, more Headaches, Totally De-calibrated Nutrition Balance (i.e., Fats-to-Proteins-to-Carbs), Monotony, Moods, etc………..

  This is an excellent question. And it also brings up some wonderful, but often unfortunate, problems with contemporary U.S. culture.

  The original article about this phenomenon can be found at:

  Unfortunately, but informatively, there are also other articles about this phenomenon:

  Where is this world going with this???

  Happy reading.


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U.S. News and Gluten-Free Fads???

Posted by nepeht on December 22, 2008

  Well, we have a free press in the U.S.  And that’s good.

  This also allows for our part to be one of making comments when the free press speaks out about topics dear to us in either wonderful or painful ways.

  Gluten-Free Kathy alerted us that there is an article in U.S.News about Gluten-Free(ness) at:

  For some this might be a good time to stand up and be counted.  Just an idea….

  Have a nice holiday.

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