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Excited to be Speaking at Upcoming GIG Conference

Posted by nepeht on February 18, 2010

I am Excited to be Speaking at the Upcoming GIG Conference in June in Minneapolis, Minnesota!

  The 2010 GIG Annual Education Conference is called, “Savor the Flavor of a Healthy Gluten-Free Life”.  The conference will be held at the Minneapolis Airport Marriott, June 4-5, 2010.

  Follow this link for more information about how you can attend this wonderful event.

  According to the Conference Brochure,

“The General Education Conference takes place Friday and Saturday, and includes breakfast and lunch both days. Conference attendees can sign up for optional Friday night dining options and networking with friends. Sign up now for Saturday evening’s “Helping Hands” Banquet, featuring internationally acclaimed speaker Dr. Rodney Ford, from New Zealand. Helping Hands banquet will feature a delectable buffet of gluten-free foods and lots of fun.”

“Presentations from leading experts provide a choice of topics for beginners and veterans to the gluten-free lifestyle. Saturday’s schedule will feature the additions of two programs; one for parents of GF kids and a program for teens in conjunction with TAGS (Teen Advocates with Gluten Sensitivities). The exhibit area will feature food, supplement, cosmetic companies, authors, and other services for those living a GF life. You will be able to place orders and buy products on site. Shipping services may be available.”

   There are going to be many presentations.  I have been honored to be invited to speak at this conference.  I will be giving two separate presentations:

Strengthening our Bonds, Groups, Volunteers and Leaders

“This presentation briefly explores modern applied theories related to Human Bonding, Groups and Leadership. Psychological Kinship Theory as it pertains to peer support group relationships and volunteering will be discussed. This will be followed by introductory remarks concerning Self- Help, Peer Social Support and Leadership within such contexts. Participants will then be asked to consider synthesizing these perspectives into an emergent, constructive discussion on enhancing GIG Branch Leadership Opportunities, Effectiveness, and Efficiency.”


Making the Most of Your Gluten-Free Bucks

“This presentation explores some basic food physics for quickly making educated guesses about gluten content in grocery products. Participants are informed about certain keywords that are known to frequently indicate gluten content or cross-contamination. Some typically gluten-free, common food product groups are identified. This is followed by a discussion about combining gluten-free foods to create an enjoyable cuisine without busting one’s budget.”

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