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#44: Go With the Flow When Ever You Can on the Way Toward Gluten-Free Simplicity

Posted by nepeht on October 3, 2009

#44: Go With the Flow When Ever You Can on the Way Toward Gluten-Free Simplicity

  Things Change.  Change changes.  And things stay the same until they change again…. sometimes.  In other words: We Cannot Control Everything.  Right? 

Change Happens! (c.2009, WTB)

Change Happens! (c.2009, WTB)

Let me know if you can cause I sure could use your help.

  I trust life can really be a whole lot simpler for me when I try NOT to obsess over stuff that is beyond my control.

  No,  I cannot control the fact that I have Celiac Disease — or even Crohn’s for that matter.  But I can try to control my level of Gluten-Freeness.

  I certainly feel better when I am Gluten-Free.  And any person with Celiac Disease is likely to have a brighter future when that future is as  Gluten-Free as possible.

  So, I guess this is mostly about accepting that which ONE cannot change (having CD); and then trying to exert some power and take some responsibility for what ONE can at least try and change (her/his level of Gluten-Freeness).

  It’s like as the Winter comes, the green leaves on the trees will begin to turn and eventually fall away.  This is something — like Celiac Disease — that apparently cannot be prevented under normal (or natural)  circumstances.  ONE CANNOT Typically STOP THAT.

  On the other hand, as  the temperature gets lower, ONE can typically choose whether or not to put on warmer clothing.  One might even find that as they warm up, the leaves begin to look really charming as they change.  That is until you get stuck as the one having to rake the dead ones up off of the lawn.

  Bottom Line: I still sometimes grieve my Celiac Disease in my own special ways.  But I am NOW working like the Dickens to maintain a high level of Gluten-Freeness.  And this way, my life seems a whole lot better. 

  I hope this makes sense to you too.


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