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Gluten Watch!

Posted by nepeht on November 12, 2008

  “Gluten Watch!!!” du du du dunnnnnnn!!!

  Kind of like one of those really serious TV news stations…. Like when he got some network creative genious figure out that the Iran-Hostage crisis would be much more popular (thus more profitable for the network) if they hyped up the drama by about 100,000,000 times, and started opening the show with “America Held Hostage Crisis — Day 86” or whatever day it was.

  Therein was a terrible, terrible, and most awful thing happening to a whole bunch of Americans (as well as the rest of the world), and a TV network figured out how to get our attention (and as an aside, make lots of money) by adding the media event’s title, “Day xx” whatever day it was.  It could be argued that this one media event effectively “made” Ted Koppel’s career.

  Don’t get me wrong.  This was a really bad time for all of us.  But the genius I am half-hearted referring to is/was the sense of marketing that drove the network’s people to not only make up an entirely new logo for a news event, but to also dramatize it with a day count.

  I am NOT in any way trying to make a political point or to engage in any manner on any side of the issue related to the news back then.

  What I am trying to do though, is to find ways of shedding light on and bringing consistently constructive attention to the problem of accidental exposure to harmful gluten or should I call it  covert gluten poisening”?  Naw, that sounds a little too paranoid.

  This is just how serious the problem is.  In a recent blogpost by “Barbara”, a big-time food writer, she proclaims:

“Als, I may kill the next wait person who cheerily chirps: ‘but you can have one of our wonderful sorbets.'”

  I was searching the net to find any references to the term “Gluten Watch!!!” as I was planning this posting and (just didn’t want to step on any toes), and I ran across her blog as it stated that  there was such a thing as a “Gluten Watch Out”.

  I was glad to see that.

  And I am hoping to come up with a whole lot more useful information under the category of “Gluten Watch!!!”.  I might even start using a day counter on it.

  If nothing else, one could do some blogging featuring the “Gluten-Free Detectives”.

  What do you think?



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