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Nice Article on Celiac Disease and Emotion

Posted by nepeht on November 7, 2009

Check out this article at Psychology, “Gluten: The Secret Stalker“.  It discusses the Emotional impact of Celiac Disease, an important issue for many of us.


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Way #40: Awareness of one’s Celiac-Related Painful Feelings might help one move toward Simplicity

Posted by nepeht on June 22, 2009

Way #40: Awareness of one’s Celiac-Related Painful Feelings might help one move toward Simplicity

  Life is not easy.  It is just that simple.  And for people with Celiac Disease, one could argue, that life is a bit more complicated, thus LESS easy that it is for many others.

  And I truly believe that not one of us deserves the Extra Pain that Celiac Disease provides for us.  I really do.

  With these assorted and abundant extra pains of ours naturally come emotions…  I mean it would be normal if we actually felt some emotions in their wake.  It is these emotions that I am writing about here.

  I get depressed, shamed, angry, wanna isolate, feel rage, serious bouts of loss, etc….. etc….. etc…..

  And that is probably a lot like many other people — with or without Celiac Disease.

  What is different though, is that we tend to get a whole lot of it and on a pretty consistent basis.  Sure, I find that the more I am able to live in a Gluten-Free way, the better I feel….  But there seems always to still be that train in that tunnel that is heading straight for me when ever I decide to acknowledge it.

  So I am just saying here that when we have such feelings, they tend to show on us… no matter what we do to hide them.  So then, rather than denying them, why not allow ourselves to feel them (within reason and safety limits)?

  FOr us with Celiac Disease, it seems these pains and their emotions are gonna come and go…. but probably come again, more often than any of our non-CD folks can really understand.

  So I am suggesting that the first step to dealing with all of that will be to accept them as part of our normal daily life… and then try to be aware of them as we learn more and more constructive ways of channelling the enormous bounty of energy they tend to generate into increasingly positive outcomes…

  Try it.  I am trying to try it… my self.

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Some Days Feel Like This.

Posted by nepeht on November 30, 2008

Looking for Answers in a Painful World (c.2008, WTB)

Looking for Answers in a Painful World (c.2008, WTB)

  And on days like this, sometimes those who are closest to us and support us the most are more involved in our pain than we might notice at first.  It is not easy to see through the fog of intense pain whether it be physical, emotional or both.  A loving hand reaching toward us is a wonderful thing.  When we can see it.

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Pain and Gluten Relapse

Posted by nepeht on October 23, 2008

 Gluten Relapse can be painful indeed.

  By “pain”, I speak of a pain with three distinct but probably related dimensions — Physical,  Emotional and Social:

Physical Pain: Pain may be sharp or dull. It may come and go, or it may be constant. You may feel pain in one area of your body, such as your back, abdomen or chest or you may feel pain all over, such as when your muscles ache from the flu.

   and Emotional Pain: The feeling that I have failed in my attempt to stay Gluten-Free.  This feeling can be pretty awful when one considers that one is well aware of the damage being done during a relapse.  It is common during such episodes for one to question whether or not and/or just how one loves ones self.

  finally, Social Pain: What do others think of a person who is known to be allergic to gluten, yet she/he purposely ingests it?  What would you think?  Would it effect the way you see a person.  Might this lead to more isolation, more depression and more disease?

  So why am I writing this?

    I guess my prayer is that if you are a person who needs to be gluten-free and you have experienced relapse, then you experienced one or all three of the above sensations, you can know that you are not alone.  Hopefully, this will contribute to a sense of support for you as you go through this.

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Positive Thinking and Taking Pictures for Gluten-Free Simplicity

Posted by nepeht on July 22, 2008

A Really Big Sky

A Really Big Sky (c. 2007, wtb)

  It is important to me to give some sincere credit to the positive-thinking crowd.  You know, the folks who encourage you when you hurt by telling you to think positively?

  It is sometimes a real pain when I hear that.  Sometimes, it feels like my own real pain is being ignored and I am not getting a chance to log my due grieving about my problems.

  But other times, the idea of positive thinking can pay off in spades.  One of the things I like to do is to take photographs.  One of the reasons for this is that quite often, hours, days, years or decades later, when I review a photograph, it touches me in a good way.

  This photograph reminds me (in a nice way) that there are things in this world much bigger than me and much more significant than my feelings.  Sure, having my feelings is important in its time.  But there is nothing like a natural  wonder to help me move on. 

  Some who move to Colorado say whenever they go back home, they feel as if there is a bowl over their head because the sky does not seem as big as it does in places such as Pueblo.

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