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Contributing to Good, Wise Efforts Could Help to Light Ones Path Toward Gluten-Free Simplicity

Posted by nepeht on November 13, 2008

19. Contributing to Good, Wise Efforts Could Help to Light Ones Path Toward Gluten-Free Simplicity.

  At first, after being diagnosed with this and that and surviving surgeries, sick-leaves, lost jobs, astronomical medical bills, confusion, isolation etc….  I felt like pretty much just a victim.  And with Crohn’s Disease, such episodes tend to come along every few years, so there is always the dread and anxiety over it coming back and getting even worse.  I mean, how much more of me is there left to cut out.

  So, I was a “VICTIM”!!!  BUT now, I want to be a “SURVIVOR”.  OK???

  Anyway, as I started feeling more like a survivor, I started getting back my self-esteem and low and behold I started looking for ways to be pro-active with my disease(s), instead of just passively victimized.

  That has helped me feel better about almost everything and has greatly simplified my life.

  So what might be some “Good, Wise Efforts”?

  • Being a celiac-, or gluten-related research participant.
  • Writing a query to a manufacturer asking for information about thier Gluten-Free products.
  • Asking restaurant (politely) managers for a peak at their gluten-free menus.
  • Advocating for health insurance providers to give “Gluten-Free” rate discounts to subscribers.
  • Modifying a favorite recipe to be just as good, when gluten-free.

  I am sure we could think of a bunch of these.

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